Conditions we treat include:

ACUTE NEUROLOGICAL: Rehabilitation after a stroke or brain injury. Often following a stay in hospital, we will continue your rehabilitation with you at home. Neurological rehabilitation is unique to physiotherapy and involves a deep understanding of how the brain is involved in movement and perception. The aim is to restore normal movement patterns, and where this is not possible, to optimise function using alternative strategies.

LONG TERM NEUROLOGICAL: Some neurological problems are the result of brain degeneration or disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease or dementia. Physiotherapy cannot change the processes going on in the brain, but we can help to counteract the physical symptoms and so improve your quality of life. This could be with exercises for strength, control, balance or flexibility and by providing advice and strategies for overcoming specific problems. Often we find that, after an intensive period of physiotherapy, people manage their exercises on their own with continuing occasional input from us to keep them on the right track or to address new difficulties as they arise.


JOINT AND MUSCLE COMPLAINTS Painful or stiff joints, strains and breaks, uncomfortable at your computer, ‘sciatica’ and lots more. If you have an injury, we help you to recover as quickly as possible and try to stop it happening again. If injury is the source of your pain, we determine the source of the problem, so we can deal with the cause as well as the symptom. This area of physiotherapy may include hands-on treatment, exercises, posture correction and ergonomic advice.

POST SURGICAL REHABILITATION: If you’ve just had a joint replacement, corrective surgery to joints or a repair of a break, the chances are that you will need some physiotherapy to get you going again as fast as possible. People who have had problems for quite a while prior to surgery will often have a lot of fitness to recover and bad habits to let go of.

RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Chronic and acute respiratory conditions and cardiac problems.

AGE RELATED PROBLEMS: Unfortunately, as we get older we can end up suffering from many of the above conditions, as well as generally getting weaker and less steady. Often we will be called to treat and elderly person presenting with one problem, for example loss of balance, and find that actually there are many interrelated issues. For some there is a straightforward ‘fix’ but for others it is more complex. Often we provide regular, ongoing treatment sessions aimed at helping you to continue living a full and stimulating life and to deal with new problems as they arise.


Your Physiotherapist will firstly carry out a comprehensive assessment of your needs and then offer an appropriate and effective course of treatment, in the comfort & privacy of your own home and at a time to suit you. We operate throughout Central and Greater London and along the M40 corridor to Oxford. If preferred, treatment is also available at our premises.