For twenty three years The Home Physiotherapy Service has been helping people recover from illness or injury in their own homes. I set up the practice because I could see that many people needed more help and guidance once they left hospital.

I developed my skills as a Physiotherapist working in Neurological Rehabilitation Units. There, I came to realise that it was only after discharge that a person’s rehabilitation really began. Even if they continued as outpatients, I rarely saw how they coped in the real world. So, I founded the Home Physiotherapy Service. It was 1994 and it was then a novel idea, to rehabilitate neurological patients at home, helping them to manage in their own environment.

Over the years, our scope of practice has widened and we now treat patients with with a wide range of conditions in Central London, Knightsbridge, Kensington & Chelsea, Battersea/Putney, Chiswick, St Johns Wood, Hampstead,  Finchley & Greater London. I still, however, maintain a keen interest in the area of Rehabilitation and Care of the Elderly.

Treating people at home is different from working in a clinic. We are concerned with confronting problems as they impact on a person’s daily life. We don’t come up with ‘off the shelf’ solutions but tailor what we offer to the individual and their circumstances. We often have to be creative, adapting whatever is to hand to invent an exercise. Because people feel at ease at home, the process tends to be more collaborative, less directive. And in their own homes, quite frankly, it’s more enjoyable and effective for all.


Judy Delafield MCSP

Founder of the Home Physiotherapy Service